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Responsible Mosquito and Tick Control.

Are pesky mosquitoes and ticks ruining the enjoyment of your outdoor living spaces? It’s a common occurrence here in Kentucky. Our gorgeous, seasonal weather delivers the perfect opportunity to get outside and appreciate our yards and gardens during the day. However, as soon as the warm Kentucky sun sets, it can leave behind countless clouds of mosquitoes, while longer grass serves as the perfect home for ticks. These uninvited guests can quickly take over any outdoor event or celebration, forcing you, your family, and guests inside to seek refuge from the hungry ticks and swarms of mosquitoes.

Unfortunately, Kentucky mosquitoes and ticks are more than a nuisance. These insatiable bugs carry a slew of serious, potentially fatal diseases. Just a single bite from an infected tick or mosquito can transmit a multitude of sicknesses.

Stop letting mosquitoes and ticks change how you spend time outside. Partner with Custom Turf Care, LLC for customized mosquito treatment services that control infestations and reduce the impact these bugs can have on all of your outdoor adventures.

A recent study from the University of Kentucky showed that all five species of mosquitoes and all five species of ticks common to our region could carry some form of debilitating disease such as:

diseases such as:


Yellow fever




West Nile

Lyme Disease

Responsible Mosquito and Tick Control Solutions

For over 14 years, the Custom Turf Care team has delivered responsible mosquito and tick control services uniquely designed for residential and commercial properties throughout the Louisville region. Our process begins with a thorough assessment of your yard. Custom Turf Care’s skilled and trained team of pest control technicians will evaluate the grade, drainage, and layout of your lawn to find “mosquito and tick hotspots” including:

  • Pooling rain and storm waters
  • Woodlands
  • Irrigated fields
  • High grass
  • Wetlands (brooks, marshes, rivers, ponds, etc.)


Once we’ve identified the potential areas for swarms and infestations on your property, Custom Turf Care gets to work, developing a customized, long-term treatment approach designed to reduce the population of these bugs. We offer up to five treatment applications from May-October, targeting mosquitoes and ticks where they breed, nest, and feed. Our approach not only eliminates mature insects but also helps wipe out future generations of these vicious parasites as well.

Custom Turf Care also provides barrier treatment applications for an added layer of mosquito prevention. Our Exterior Protection Program is an outside-only pest control plan that forms a protective barrier around your perimeter to eliminate insects trying to make themselves an uninvited backyard guest.

Special Event Treatments

Have a special outdoor event planned? Custom Turf Care even offers ad hoc mosquito control applications to help you plan ahead for all of your outdoor summer parties and activities. We’ll arrive 24-48 hours before your guests arrive to create a barrier around your designated party spot for day and night protection throughout your event. Custom Turf Care’s special event treatments can significantly reduce the mosquito population in your yard to help ensure your guests are comfortable and ready to enjoy whatever festivities you’ve arranged.

Select The Right Mosquito and Tick Control Plan For You

Custom Turf Care offers different mosquito and tick treatment programs to cater to our individual customer needs. Whether you need 5 treatments from May- October, 1 before a special event, or anywhere in between, Custom Turf Care has the experience, personnel, and equipment required to help eradicate these bugs from your property. Contact us today to hear more!

Ready to let us transform your home or business lawn? Contact Custom Turf Care today to schedule your no-risk property evaluation.
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