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Custom Turf Care, creates unique, innovative lawn care solutions explicitly crafted for Kentucky homes and business properties. As a locally owned service provider, Custom Turf Care understands that consistent watering and mowing is just not enough to achieve healthy, vibrant, estate-quality grass. We know that Kentucky lawns are constantly battling a multitude of regional factors including temperature swings, drought conditions, weeds, and diseases, making a customized lawn care program a must.

That’s where Custom Turf Care steps in. We utilize a unique hybrid of liquid and granular applications to optimize results with every fertilizer and weed control service application. We begin by evaluating the soil composition of your property to establish pH balance, adding lime into our custom fertilizer blend as needed to restore nutrients and repair damage caused by overly acidic soil. When used consistently, lime helps establish pH balance and improve brown, patchy spots throughout the lawn.

What Can You Expect From Custom Turf Care’s Lawn Care Program?

Custom Turf Care’s 9-step, year-round lawn care treatments include:

Treatment 1: We arrive with the first thaw in February or March to get your lawn ready to thrive this spring. At Custom Turf Care, we call this our Fert-A-Lime treatment because we replace commonly used inactive ingredients with lime to offset acidity in the clay soil and boost seasonal green-up.


Treatment 2: Our second application uses heavy fertilization to promote root strength and development. Custom Turf Care will also treat your property using weed control products that target both pre-emergent and emergent vegetation.  


Treatment 3: Custom Turf Care’s balanced fertilization mix supports further lawn greening. Our technicians will also apply a second round of pre-emergent crabgrass treatment to prevent future germination. We’re not done yet – Custom Turf Care finishes out treatment 3 with a weed control application.


Treatment 4:  Our experienced lawn specialists will customize treatment 4 based on the current weather conditions. If the temps are still cool, Custom Turf Care will continue with a fertilization application as well as 3 different types of weed control.


Treatment 5: The temperatures are heating up, the pests are out in full force – and Custom Turf Care is ready for it all! Now is the time to spray insecticide to help control chinch bug, webworm, and billbug infestations. We’ll also apply 3 different types of weed control and a customized blend of nutrients to the lawn to keep your property strong and healthy during the hot, humid summer months here in Kentucky.


Treatment 6: Custom Turf Care assesses your property for any seasonal damage caused by high heat and potential drought conditions. We’ll use balanced fertilizers to bring the lawn back to a healthy state, along with weed control and insecticide as needed.


Treatment 7: As the temperatures begin to drop, Custom Turf Care technicians will apply fertilization to green your lawn back as well as treat with any needed weed control applications.


Treatment 8: Fall is the perfect time to begin prepping your property for the colder weather. We use root development fertilization to thicken turf along with any necessary weed control to keep your lawn’s immune system strong and ready to fight off sickness and disease.


Treatment 9: The Custom Turf Care team typically finishes our lawn care program in mid-December with a dense, granular fertilization application to further develop the lawn and get it ready for winter.

Ready to let us transform your home or business lawn? Contact Custom Turf Care today to schedule your no-risk property evaluation.
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