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For over 30 years, Custom Turf Care, LLC has delivered a full suite of innovative lawn care services to home and business owners throughout the Louisville region. We’ve earned our reputation as the area’s one-stop resource for customized turf treatments that transform our clients’ properties into gorgeous, robust outdoor green spaces. Beyond our full-scale fertilization program, Custom Turf Care also offers a full menu of additional services that include:

Lime Application

As a locally owned Kentucky lawn care business, we know firsthand that soil composition and pH balance play a major role in the overall health and strength of properties in this region. Custom Turf Care’s team of trained technicians will conduct a soil assessment to gauge your yard’s current pH ratio. If there’s too much acidity in the soil, we’ll create a customized lime application mix to achieve balance and systematically restore damage throughout your grass, beds, and gardens.


Grub Worm Control

These immature beetles have a voracious appetite – and your yard’s root system is their favorite meal. Custom Turf Care will evaluate your current grub situation to develop a treatment that eliminates existing grubs and prevents adult beetles from laying eggs to reduce the risk of a future infestation.



Aeration And Overseeding

Heavy foot traffic, drought conditions, and regional diseases can wreak havoc on even the hardiest Kentucky lawn. Our seasonal aeration services can help. Custom Turf Care’s technicians will strategically pull soil plugs out of the lawn to redistribute vital nutrients and stimulate fresh growth.

Of course, aeration is only the first step in revitalizing your lawn. We finish the process with an overseeding application. Our overseeding treatments not only eliminate bare spots across your lawn – they can also help your yard fight off weeds. At Custom Turf Care, we know that a thick lawn is the best weapon against weeds. Our overseeding program can effectively develop new, healthy grass that beautifies your property and prevents weeds from taking root. How’s that for the ultimate lawn care win/win?


Tree And Shrub Insect Control

At Custom Turf Care, we understand that a flourishing landscape boosts curb appeal and may even increase the value of your property. Unfortunately, many home and business owners don’t use insect control treatments on their ornamental trees and shrubs – until it’s too late. Don’t risk the health and longevity of your property’s large plantings. Custom Turf Care’s tree and shrub insect control services can give your landscapes the care they need to thrive.  

Custom Turf Care: Let Us Help You Develop The Right After Care Routine

Working with Custom Turf Care means we don’t quit after the treatment, service, or application. Our trained professionals will work with you to develop the right post-treatment watering routine to best support your property’s overall health and growth. At Custom Turf Care, we know that here in Kentucky, watering is the lifeline of every lawn. We’ll collaborate with you to pinpoint the best days and how long to water your property every week to achieve optimal results.

Contact the Custom Turf Care team today to hear more about our innovation lawn care service offerings.
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