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Since 1987 Custom Turf Care, has delivered top quality professional lawn care and landscaping solutions throughout the great state of Kentucky. That’s over 30 years’ experience doing what we love, where we love to do it!

 The secret to our longevity is really no secret at all. At Custom Turf Care, we recognize there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all lawn care solution. Every property is unique – even neighboring yards can have slightly different needs based on soil composition, amount of received sunlight, and property grades. We partner with home and business owners to develop a customized lawn care approach explicitly designed to optimize results and promote vibrant grass, beds, and gardens. It’s just one of the many reasons that locals have entrusted Custom Turf Care with their Kentucky lawns for over three decades.

Custom Turf Care: We Offer A Full Suite Of Innovative Lawn And Landscape Services

Custom Turf Care seamlessly merges experienced landscapers, cutting-edge equipment, and an unmatched knowledge of local growing conditions to revitalize even the toughest lawns from root to tip. We proudly offer our customers access to a comprehensive menu of innovative turf solutions that includes:


Even a small grub infestation can cause major damage to the health and strength of your lawn. Our skilled technicians systematically spray your property to eliminate mature beetles, larvae, and eggs for optimized treatment results.


Custom Turf’s specially-designed insect control program targets the pests trying to make a meal of your trees, shrubs, and large plantings. We’ll carefully evaluate your property to develop a personalized insect control approach that protects your ornamental landscapes from the threat of bug infestations.


Got Spiders in your home or Ants showing up on your counter tops? Custom Turf offers barrier control around you home to keep these crawling insects out. We offer a variety of treatment options including monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly. We can fit a program to your home, whether you have a bad problem or just want to make sure pests stay out all year.


Our 9-step lawn care treatment consists of a customized mix of fertilization, weed control, and pesticides. We launch in the spring and run right through until mid-December to give your grass, soil, and root systems everything they need to flourish.


Tired of having every outdoor activity overrun by these dreadful parasites? Custom Turf’s mosquito control services can offer a perfect solution. We offer 5 treatments from May-October, when mosquitoes are most active. We also offer special event applications to deliver the perfect fit for every customer’s distinctive needs. We will customize your program for your family and home.


Here in Kentucky, we love spending time enjoying our yards. However, all that heavy foot, paw, and tire traffic can eventually take its toll on our grass, compacting the soil and leaving unsightly bare spots. Custom Turf’s core aeration services break up condensed soil and heavy thatch to redistribute nutrients to the soil. Whether used in conjunction with our aeration treatment or as a standalone service, Custom Turf’s overseeding applications revitalize sparse spots to promote a dense, lush lawn.

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Custom Turf: We Offer Multiple Payment Methods

At Custom Turf, we strive to deliver customer service excellence across every project phase, including billing. We offer multiple payment methods so every client can find the right financial fit:

  • Pre-pay for the year: this method gets you a 10% discount for the entire year
  • Pay as you go: simply send in payment after each treatment; we will leave an invoice in the door, regardless of payment method
  • Pay by Credit Card: call in with your card information or pay online

Ready to experience the Custom Turf Care difference for yourself? Call our office today and discuss your lawn care needs with a seasoned landscaping professional.  

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